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More Quit Smoking Testimonials

Dear Life Miracle Products;

"My name is B***** and I am a thirty year old woman with a 3 year old daughter. I have been wanting to quit smoking cigarettes for some time but didn't have the will power, especially when just about everyone around me smokes. I looked at other stop smoking products but they were way to expensive or some kind of drug with other side effects. I saw your SmokeRx product and decided to give it a try considering the price was reasonable and the product was all natural.

I smoked my last cigarette before starting the program and have not touched another cigarette since. The capsules and aroma therapy worked wonderfully and I haven't had one single craving. The whole process was extremely easy to do and there were no ill effects.

I feel wonderful and I have more money in my pocket, but most importantly, I have more time to spend with my daughter. Not only the time spent to smoke a cigarette but the years I am adding to my life by saving my lungs and heart. My daughter is too young to understand what her mommy did for her (and me), but I know in time she will understand and be as thankful as I am to you for having this product on the market. I look at my daughter now and think about what I could have missed out on in her life if I hadn't quit.

I only hope that more people learn about this product and give it a try so they can have more time with their loved ones. I don't think I can ever thank you enough. You helped me do in one week what I've wanted to do for three years. If ever someone doubts your product, show them this letter because I am living proof that it does work and if there is still doubt tell them to look at it the way I did. What have you got to lose? Nothing, you only have to gain years on your life and better health.

Thank you from the bottom of my healthier heart, your product is awesome."

Much Healthier and Sincerely Yours,

B. L. Sugarloaf, PA

"Being a 1+ pack a day (smoker) for 36 years I thought it would be hard to even cut down no less quit smoking.  Now I can have a pack last a whole week!  I have no physical cravings so I know it's a mental thing that I will overcome.  I'm losing my smokers cough and do not get near as winded.  Thank you so much for this product, I tried the patch and it just did not work for me.  It was great to find a product that was not just feeding more chemicals into my body." 
K.M. Kansas City, MO

“Well your product is wonderful. It really makes you not want a cigarette. I have been smoking for 15 years and I am getting your package for my boyfriend and for my father. I will recommend your product to everyone I know who wants to stop smoking.” M.L. Jacksonville, FL

NOTICE: The testimonials and claims above may not be representative for every user. Since every human being is physiologically distinct, results may vary from person to person. You may or may not have success using this product. Challenges can occur if you have allergies to any of the ingredients, or you are taking medication that can cause contraindications. If you have any concerns, please consult with your health care professional before taking our products. This product is offered with a 100% risk free guarantee. If you receive our product and you determine that the product is not for you for any reason, or does not live up to claims regardless of our substantiation, you are entitled to a full product refund.


Please note: For international orders, the shipping will be higher. We only charge actual shipping costs. Simply choose your international shipping option in the shopping cart and it will automatically calculate your shipping.

are not y.

† For a request for a refund to be valid, and for us to honor the refund, the product must be returned to us within 30 days of confirmed delivery to you along with your written request for refund. The return address will be on your shipping label. Order details must be included with return. The refund will be minus shipping charges.

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