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Laundry PLUS System Dryer Cartridge REFILL PACK – 10 ct
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Laundry PLUS System Dryer Cartridge REFILL PACK – 10 ct


Lasts Up To 100 Dryer Cycles – The #1 BEST Fabric Softener and Natural Fragrance Refill For Your Dryer. Natural and Earth Friendly Ingredients. Replaces Liquid Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets, Wool Dryer Balls and Free Clear Packs. Soften and Add Fragrance to Clothes Naturally Without Allergy Causing Chemicals.



The LaundryPLUS+ System® is a patented technology that is the first product in the world that can be used in both the washer and dryer. It replaces numerous common, toxic laundry products that people use in the washing machine and the dryer. In the dryer, the LaundryPLUS+® adds an all natural fragrance and softener with the dryer cartridges. Its unique design opens up spaces in the clothing and circulates the air more efficiently to dry clothes quicker. This can reduce drying times, and therefore heat and electricity, by 25% or more. This same process can also reduce lint and wrinkling. The dryer cartridge adds natural essential oil fragrance and softeners. This pack of 10 cartridges will last up to 100 dryer loads.

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