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LaundryPLUS + System
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LaundryPLUS + System


#1 BEST Laundry Product For Your Washer AND Dryer, Patented & Proven To Reduce Detergent By 90%! Clean & Soften Clothes Naturally w/o Bleach, Fabric Softeners & Wool Dryer Balls

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The LaundryPLUS+ System is a recently patented technology that is the first product in the world that can be used in both the washer and dryer. It replaces numerous common, toxic laundry products that people use in the washing machine and the dryer, and most importantly, is proven in independent laboratory testing to reduce laundry detergent usage by 90% while still delivering the same cleaning results.

It also does everything that laundry detergent doesn’t do, like whitening, disinfecting, boosting cleaning power, soil suspension and adding all natural fragrance.

In the dryer, It adds an all natural fragrance and softener, as well as circulating the air more efficiently to dry clothes quicker, and reduce drying time, and therefore electricity costs, by up to 25%. So it is a LOT packed into a single product.

It is very simple to use. You just have to unscrew the cap, put the washer pearls (the white pellets) in the unit, put the cap back on, place it in the washer and run a load. You then run it with a 90% reduction of the recommended amount of detergent. We have independent lab testing that proves that the LaundryPLUS+ with 10% of the recommended amount of detergent provides the same cleaning performance as with 100% of the recommended amount of detergent. That is a 90% reduction in detergent usage!

IN THE WASHER: The ingredients of the pearls offer multiple benefits:

Sodium Percarbonate (oxygen bleach), Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), CMEA (coconut surfactant), Borax (brightener and disinfectant), CMC (cellulose gum for soil suspension), Nano Silver (antibacterial), Tea Tree Oil (antibacterial), Lavender Essential Oil (natural fragrance). These pearls will last up to 60 wash loads.

IN THE DRYER: After you wash, remove the washer pearls and drop in the dryer cartridge. Then run it in the dryer. The cartridge contains a natural softener and essential oil fragrance. These cartridges will last 10 drying cycles.

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