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LifeMiracle® Home >> LIQUID VITAMINS AND MINERALS ARTICLES About Liquid Vitamins and Minerals and the New Nutritional Paradigm Why Do Liquid Form Nutritional Supplements Have Much Greater Bodily Absorption Than Pills? INTERESTED? CLICK HERE FOR LIQUID VITAMIN AND MINERAL INGREDIENTS! Click Your Purchase Choice Below To Order Securely Online Right Now!: Back to Liquid Vitamins…

Liquid vitamins article 2

LifeMiracle® Home >> Why Do Liquid Form Nutritional Supplements Have Much Greater Bodily Absorption Than Pills? By Judy Brown Did you know that when you take vitamins and minerals in the traditional tablet or capsule form your body only assimilates 10 to 12% of the nutrients, and that figure drops to 3 to 5% after…

Liquid vitamins article 1

LifeMiracle® Home >> About Liquid Vitamins and Minerals and the New Nutritional Paradigm By Judy Brown Liquid vitamins are the same vitamins that you find in any supermarket or health store, but are suspended in a liquid mixture. This new method of taking liquid nutritional supplements is becoming extraordinarily popular in today’s progressive healthcare marketplace….

Life expectancy in USA ranked 42nd in world

Buy Our Health Products | Become A Wholesale Distributor The Life Expectancy In the USA Ranks 42nd In the World, Despite the Fact That We Spend Exceedingly More Than Any Other Nation On Our Healthcare System. Money Can’t Buy You Love, and At Least In the USA, It Can’t Buy You Health Either. The question…

Laundry detergent poisoning

What To Do If You, Your Child Or Another Family Member Is Poisoned By Laundry Detergent Source: The New York Times Petrochemicals like laundry detergents can be highly toxic and dangerous in the home. Make sure all detergents are kept out of the reach of children. Consuming them can be severely hazardous to their health….


Laundry Home >> Save the Environment, Your Money, Health & Clothes With The Extraordinary Life Miracle® Laundry Balls System! POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE!…Laundry Detergent Free Washing Action, Economical, Environmentally Friendly and Simple To Use! NO CHEMICAL DETERGENTS!…Fantastic For Babies, Children and People With Allergies! Eliminate Chemical Related Sicknesses! USE AGAIN AND AGAIN!… One package of two…

Hoodia oprah

The Truth About the So-Called Hoodia Oprah Connection It is extremely important to clear up the myth of the so-called connection between Oprah and Hoodia Gordonii, and set the record straight once and for all. Oprah Winfrey’s opinion has an extremely high value with her audience when it comes to diet pills, and just about…

Hoodia gordonii explained p2

Hoodia Gordonii Explained—Continued . . . Here is an excerpt from a BBC media piece: At about 1800hrs I ate about half a banana size (piece of hoodia gordonii)-and later so did my cameraman. Soon after, we began the four hour drive back to Capetown. The plant is said to have a feel-good almost aphrodisiac…

A Beautiful Lesson In Persistence

Author Unknown One day a farmer’s donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well was an unused hazard that needed to be covered up anyway. It just wasn’t worth it to…

Diabetes treatment