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Number 1 Health Website Agrees With Me

Number 1 Health Website Agrees With Me

Do you have a sweet tooth?

A sugar urge?

An addiction to the sweets?

I know I do.

And it’s a problem.

What’s the problem with sugar?

There are a lot of problems with this sugar.

But I’ll just give you an overview.

The big problem , it affects your blood sugar.

When you eat foods that are high in simple sugars, such as candies and desserts, your blood sugar skyrockets.

That’s why you get that great feeling of happiness.

But, remember that what goes up must come down.

In an attempt to get your blood sugar levels back to normal, your body dumps insulin into your system.

Because the sugars process so quickly, you’re left with too much insulin.

The result is that your blood sugar drops and becomes too low. You feel tired, moody and overall unhappy.

That’s the sugar crash.

And, your body doesn’t like that feeling much either. So, what does it do?

It starts a sugar craving.

It wants you to eat more sugar so that it isn’t drained of energy and feeling bad. You eat something sweet to satisfy the craving and raise your blood sugar.

And the whole process starts all over again.

So, your body goes on a roller coaster of blood sugar highs and lows.

Which feels terrible.

But that isn’t the worst part.

After a while, your body gets immune to the insulin.

So, it needs to use more and more.

Eventually, the insulin stops working entirely.

And you can develop diabetes.

Don’t believe me?

The Number 1 Health Website agrees with me.

Sugar can cause Diabetes.

So, how can you fight that off?

The first step, is of course, cut back on the sugar.

Instead of adding sugar to your coffee or cereal, try all natural sweeteners like stevia.

This article has some other common sense ideas on how to stay healthy.

They include 30 minutes of exercise per day, such as brisk walking.

Losing those extra pounds.

And eating a healthy diet, full of fruits, vegetables, and lean sources of protein (such as chicken and fish).

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