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Easter Eggs . . . All Over The Floor

Easter Eggs . . . All Over The Floor

This Was The Feeling . . .

When I was a kid, we would always go to my grandma’s house and paint Easter eggs.

Grams would have a big pile of hard-boiled eggs set up for us.

Then we would get these Crayola, water-color sets to paint the eggs.

We would dye them funky colors, like pink, orange, bright blue, and yellow.

And then we would put little designs on them.

My older brother, who was more artistic than me, would create these elaborate shapes and styles.

Or draw animals like bunnies.

Or chicks.

Or wolves.

Or wolves eating bunnies and chicks.

Thankfully, he got over that.

Anyway, without fail, every year some eggs would fall on the ground and break.

And we would have to clean them up using paper towels.

So that at the end of the afternoon, we would have a trash bag filled with broken eggs and dirty paper towels.

It seemed like such a waste then.

And it seems like even more of a waste now.

And that’s where the Nano Towels® come in.

Nano Towels® clean with ZERO toxic chemicals that can make your family, friends, and pets sick, and harm the environment.

Nano Towels® also not only eliminate those expensive cleaning products, but also the need to purchase expensive paper towels.

That saves you money.

So that even bunny and chick eating wolves won’t ruin your Easter 😉

Thanks again!!


– Brought to you by

Life Miracle.

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