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How To Get A Younger Heart

How To Get A Younger Heart

Sing It, Ol’ Blue Eyes.

This isn’t a late Valentine’s Day email.

Or an email about heart transplants.

Researchers have actually shown that you can get a younger heart.

The catch?

It ain’t easy.

Ben Levine, professor of internal medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center ran a two-year study on 53 adults.

The participants did one of two types of exercise.

The first group did nonaerobic exercise and yoga.

The second group was assigned a trainer and performed moderate- to high-intensity aerobic exercise at least four days a week.

After two years, says Dr. Levine, the group involved in higher-intensity exercise saw dramatic improvements in their heart health.

“We took these 50-year-old hearts and turned the clock back to 30- or 35-year-old hearts,” Dr. Levin said.

The really great part about this study is that it shows that it’s never to late to get started with exercise.

This study showed that even people who don’t exercise, but get into shape at 40+, may be able to avoid or reduce heart declines due to aging.

Dr. Levine said “The sweet spot in life to get off the couch and start exercising … is in late middle age when the heart still has plasticity.”

Read about the study here.

So, the key to a healthy heart is exercise.

But you also need to get your baseline of vitamins and minerals every day.

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It tastes fantastic, and because of its liquid form, is much easier to take than pills.

And that is something that you can take to heart. 😉

Thanks again!!


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